Lawn Mowing & Lawn Edging

You have greenery around your sidewalks and the driveway then you must know the importance of lawn edging. With a proper length blade and an established edge, professionals like us do a decent job to keep your lawn looking well maintained. We use technologically upgraded lawn mowers to pick up grass from its own activity. Along with that, it also collects a good deal of the trimming mess created by the edger and trimmer. This saves a lot of time and energy. We even do agricultural / Acreage Mowing.

Hedging & Pruning

Hedges are usually planted to form an attractive boundary around a lawn. They add aesthetic beauty to a property. To look beautiful throughout the year; they require maintenance. We keep them healthy through watering and trimming. We give them a proper cut to ensure that they stay neat and in shape even through the winter.


You can hire our professional experts as your trusted landscapers. We are experienced and skilled in establishing a beautiful lawn to maintaining it well throughout the year. We promise efficiency in work and flawless result with our unique ideas.


Mulch plays an important role for the soil. It protects the soil and has numerous benefits for a lush green lawn to take shape. We are experts at mulching – diagnosis of the soil, accordingly using organic / inorganic material for best results.

Weed Treatment

Weed treatment is absolutely necessary for the growth of healthy plants. We inspect and identify unwanted growth early on for proper lawn care weed control. Once detected, our specialists employ a targeted, spot-treatment approach to get rid of this nuisance. We are pro at both pre-emergence weed control and post-emergence treatments.

Rubbish Removal

Rubbish removal is an important step if you wish to maintain a clean and green lawn. It ensures that your surroundings remain hygienic and welcoming. Rubbish removal is a back breaking and a responsible task, hence we ensure that your rubbish is safely and properly discarded; without causing any harm to the environment. We are one of the well known trash removal companies in Smithfield.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters generally attract a lot of waste material like leaves, dirt and twigs. If left neglected for long, it may turn into a breeding site of mould and lead to various diseases. It may even cause rust to the structure and allow water to overflow across your premises creating a huge mess. To avoid any of these situations from occurring, it becomes essential to get your gutters cleaned on a regular basis by expert professionals like us. We use high pressure cleaning for best result. Contact us for residential gutter cleaning now!

Garden Cleanups

Garden cleanup before the winter season is very important. Getting rid of the leaves, getting the shrubs trimmed and soil treated to remain healthy in the dry weather is important. You don’t want your lawn to look dead after winter is over! Rich Mowing Services is your local garden waste removal service provider.

Tree Trimming

We can make your trees look lush green and also maintain it to remain so throughout the year. We can even get creative with trimming designs if you wish so. We use quality products and tools to make your lawn look as natural as you want it to be. If you are looking for tree trimming companies; then feel free to call us today.

New Turf Laying

Due to high humidity, moisture and soil makeup, your turf can suffer from certain lawn diseases that can push you to go for a new turf. Based on analysis of the types of grass in your landscape and your growing environment, we suggest you the best option possible for a green lawn. For laying new turf over old, hire our expert service now!

Pest Control

Pests and insects can kill even the healthiest of plants and ruin your entire landscape. Our experts identify an existing pest infestation and apply a curative treatment accordingly. We also offer preventive measures to stop any probable future infestations.

Lawn Care Services

We offer effective lawn care programs that help promote and nurture a lush, green lawn in the most environmentally friendly way. We are responsible and hard working when it comes to lawn services. From fertilizing to weed spraying and pest control, we cater to all.

If you are looking for any of the our services in the West and South-West of Sydney connect with us now.

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